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Whoa what!?

Yes, you heard right, there’s a pub crawl. But that’s not all, this one needs some thinking hats. There’s clues to be solved, destinations to be discovered and course, lots of food and drink to down. But obvs.

Umm where though?

The starting point is Easy Tiger at Church Street (Sunday, 6th Mar, 5pm onwards), after which your grey matter decides where you head next. We just happen to know it’s 4 renowned spots around the same neighbourhood.

How much do I pay?

Well it’s Rs. 2300/- per head, that includes either an option of 5 beers or 4 cocktails (if you’re not a barley lover). There are also nibbles in all places along the way (a little birdie told us there’s some sliders at one) after which, there’s a snack dinner at the last stop of the night.

Okay, this is pretty cool, where do I sign up?

Follow their event on FB here or just trust us, book your tickets here already!


We’re a fan of CHE Experiences and there organising! They can’t go wrong. They’re famous for their epic food walks around the city. Here’s a recap of Luru’s first ever food walk. Don’t take our word, have a look for yourself. xx