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Bangalore’s very own cartoonist and illustrator, Paul Fernandes, has created works of art that are true to what Bangalore used to be and the old Bangalorean vibe.

Wondering what we’re talking about?

Paul Fernandes has created a series of watercolour cartoons that portray Bangalore from the 60’s and 70’s. The series includes Bangalore’s famous landmarks that are till date famous, favourites, and popular.

His inspiration comes from his childhood as he states,” Our old house was torn down to build a set of apartments for me and my nine siblings. It was a huge house, with beautiful gardens and 40 fruit trees. When it all came tumbling down, it compelled me to look at the changing city. And I started drawing places that I remembered fondly while I was growing up.”

So let’s take a look at Bangalore from Paul Fernandes’ eyes.


The Only Place


Bangalore ClubPaulBloreCLub

Commercial StreetPaulCommStM.G RoadPaulMGrOAD

You could visit Paul Fernandes’ gallery called Apaulogy near Richard’s Park for some colour, creativity, and of course, plenty more illustrations of old Bangalore.