Luru’s Mini Mad Man

Originally christened Rohit Venkatesh, he goes by the name Jorge Martinez (pronounced hor-hay for you unilingual people), on the internet.

He claims that it’s a tribute to his favourite Chilean radio commercial character. But we think it’s to escape the “fame” of appearing in the ‘Kanna Keepa Calm’ commercial. (Yes, you were right, he did look familiar).

A self-professed fan girl of Don Draper, he admits to being more of a Peggy Olsen at Lowe Lintas, where he moonlights as an advertising copywriter.

His favourite conversation starter is his silver steel Superman watch which he got for 10c on eBay (he paid $10 for shipping however). He’s also known to randomly mention his 1976 model B Yezdi in this conversation.

All the girls (and boys) out there with a foot fetish, Rohit happens to have really nice toes.