The Cool Cat in a Chef’s Hat

Meet Manu Chandra. Also known as Chef M.

That M can stand for anything we’d like to believe. His favourite show Mad Men, his beloved gastropub Monkey Bar, or if you want to be boring.. fine, his first name.

Chef M might be executive chef of 5 restaurants all over the country (Olive Beach, Monkey Bar & The Fatty Bao) but at home he is a total TV show buff probably sitting with a huge bowl (maybe his third) of potato chips and his beloved Ramen while he’s watching Khaleesi rescue the unsullied (Game of Thrones reference, duh!).

His afternoon nap is almost ritualistic and sacred. You don’t want to bear the aftermath of waking him up from it, unless you happen to be a canine called Rocco who comes with a full license to bully.

Word around B-Town also is that you have a better chance of out-flipping his pancakes than beating him at Antakshari. Yep. Believe it.