The Flower Child

This is Mana Santhanam. Freelance writer and fireball of creativity.

She is one of those people who has ‘three’ firsts… three first loves that is. Writing of course, but art and music too. Yep, she is a groupie.

When she isn’t watching Naruto or drooling over Kakashi (her obsessive anime crush), she is researching the newest tunes out to share with her Facebook list or finding Calvin & Hobbes strips to make her as her cover photo.

For being an Army kid, Mana loves her flowery hair clips and hairbands a bit too much. Just as much as she loves weird nail polish.

Some of us would think we made it in life if we won the lottery, not Mana. She thinks her life would be a grand success if only she could wake up at 6 a.m. and do Yoga.

She claims that making her a mug of tea guarantees lifetime friendship. Now where did we keep that damn strainer?