The Girl from 2 States

This is Kavya Chandra.

This Punjabi-Tamilian (yes you read right) girl’s childhood we are told was full of confused meals consisting of paranthas and sambar.

She is an Indian couture designer with her own boutique Soulful Hues. Unfortunately for her business partner a.k.a Mom, Kavya’s biggest indulgence is making clothes for herself, but she calls it her ‘marketing strategy’. Clever.

A total Bollywood buff and an avid practitioner and trained yoga instructor, we wouldn’t be surprised to catch her doing an impossible 108 Suryanamaskars to ‘Dum Mast Kalandar’.

Contrary to her go-getter boutique owning side, there exists no ambition when it comes to saving. It’s times like these when Kavya is thankful she tied the knot with a Sindhi boy.