The Livewire

Meet Martin D’Souza.

He’s a writer, photographer, DJ and KJ (Karaoke Jockey, yes it is a real thing even though his family refuses to admit so).

For someone who couldn’t sing and sang the same track for three years at karaoke bars (you know the type), Martin’s definitely come out of his cocoon. You’ll agree with us if you’ve seen him belt Shaggy & Apache like we have, on Sunday nights at OPUS.

So we hear he’s half Goan, and half Coorg, but doesn’t drink. Wonder what the hell went wrong there. At the risk of sounding cliche, he honestly does have the ‘high on life’ sort of vibe. No really.

He claims his kryptonite goes by the name of dessert. Yeah we’ve seen that around. We feel you Martin.