The Shutterbug

Say hello to Punya Arora.

Take a nice long look at her face while you can because it’s either buried in a book, behind one of her many sunglasses or a camera lens.

When she isn’t getting down to the grind at her newly launched studio (StudioPuns), she’s visiting faculty at the Light and Life Academy, Ooty.

Punya worships biryani. No, that isn’t just an exaggeration. She literally believes there are biryani Gods somewhere who bestowed upon us this lovely dish of awesomeness. She also thinks Veg. Biryani is a shameless lie and has cheated the world for too long.

On her Instagram handle, amongst everyday objects that don’t look anything like everyday objects, you will spot an occasional selfie or two.. oh and some feet shots. She loves her quirky footwear. We do too.

Word has it that Punya has recently taken a liking to open water diving & jumps in with her equipment to weave underwater magic. Glug glug click.