The Coach


This is Kabeer Shetty. His visiting card reads ‘Coordinator Boca Juniors Football Schools India’. But only after a long array of many visiting cards from ad firms, TV stations, marketing and the list goes on and on.

This Bangalorean, who is also a certified coach by the Dutch Football Federation, was part of the Indian Commonwealth Games but denies being Kalmadi’s accomplice. Now if only he would stop grinning, we would believe him.

His biggest passion though lies in everything football. Watching, playing  teaching. He of course thinks, like other Gooners, that Arsenal is the ‘greatest club’ in the world. We spoke to someone who supported Hull City, they think that about their team too.

Well, what we can’t take away from him is his achievement of starting off as an amateur footballer (Sunday FC) and then playing in the super division of India under the name of Jawahar Union. The only think that beats this is his other equally great talent – being ambidextrous (Google it, don’t be lazy).

Shetty happens to be obsessed with his Nike bathroom slippers. No really. He could wear them at graduation, a black tie dinner or on a date even. He also blatantly admits to his Acrophobia (did you shut that Google window already?). We’re really worried, because he definitely looks like he will be reaching new heights.

Written by Sanchita Wahi