The Man with the Mic


Meet Anuj. Anuj Char.

His love for emceeing is only a little more than his love for theatre. Basically, he loves anything and everything that will put him on stage.

He sheepishly admits of his guilty pleasures and habits that involve sleek, sexy, gorgeous pieces of… metal. His Royal Enfield Continental GT, his obsession. He also prides himself in being a help hotline for friends, be it party organisation or a suggestion of where to buy engine oil – his phone keeps ringing off the hook. Lucky Anuj.

We happen to think he is very secure with himself, because it takes a really secure man to openly declare his love for Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, definitely.

What with having emceed over 800 shows, and being a Page 3 regular in Luru, pretty sure he’s well on his way to hosting for King Khan himself.

We give him 2 years.