Wowed by the Bao

A Bao a day keeps the bad food away. That’s pretty much the thought we left with, post our tasting at The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar.

What hits you instantly when you make your way up to the restaurant is the signature artwork that can’t help but make you smile. The colours & decor are just the right amount of funky without being too tacky. The quirk quotient of the place was right up our alley, be it the wall lamps that looked like sumo wrestler heads or the cute pig on the condiments tray that splits open into a salt and pepper shaker. Brilliant stuff.


Baos, for those of you wondering what the hell they are, are typically chinese buns with a smooth, soft, white, almost marshmallow feel and texture – and if it’s at the Fatty Bao, it also melts in your mouth like magic. We’re not surprised that it’s the inspiration behind the restaurant’s name. Apt. 

What We Drank:

  • Mandalay Bay – This beautiful jasmine tea based cocktail had just the right hint of lime, orange and ginger which played down the vodka making your tongue zing to perfection.
  • Fatty Sour – Perfect for people who hate cocktails/love their whiskey. Fatty has merged the two loves beautifully. What makes this version of a whiskey sour even cooler is the amazing idea of an optional ‘egg white’. We love that they have introduced this globally famous ingredient to the Indian palate. It’s about time!

What We Ate:

Small Plates

  • Kimchi Baby Potatoes – For our veg option, we wanted a classic with an Asian twist. it’s not magical, but it’s safe and someone who loves their spud won’t be disappointed.
  • The PB&J – The PB (obviously Pork Belly duh!) was another winner. This meat, cooked two ways (braised and then crisped) has a lovely coating of mustard miso jam and did proper justice to the fat.


  • The Fatty Oysters – We just drooled after typing that. By far our favourite dish of the night. There is absolutely no doubt that even an oyster/seafood hater will convert after they taste the juicy meat in these gorgeous shells perched on sea salt, topped with a mysterious burnt garlic mix. We would order this again, and again, and again.. and again.
  • Kam Heong Calamari – This minimalistic dish made with curry powder, coconut milk, chilli and curry leaves surprised us pleasantly because it was almost Asian-Andhra. If you love your South Indian as much as we do, this calamari is perfect for you.

Main Course

  • Char Siu Bao – Succulent pork belly stuffed in-between the softest melt-in-your-mouth baos, offset with the acidity of green apple kimchi. Enough said. Rank #1 on Fatty’s bao menu. Definitely.


  • Crab & Prawn Noodles – So we think, this is a bit of an acquired taste, with all the caramelised pineapple taste fused with crab and prawn noodles. But, if you love your seafood, and your noodles tasting like every bit of that shellfish, then this will probably be your favourite main course.
  • Charred Beef Ramen – Going to a Manu Chandra brainchild, and not ordering his personal fav would be stupid. The man has introduced a whole ramen menu and brought to you what he loves himself. But, you’re either a ramen person or you’re not. If you are, then this is the one you need to order. The beef is cooked to perfection and completely soaks in the beautiful broth. The inclusion of greens, veggies, sweet caramelised onion & ginger elevates the bowl to new heights. Thumbs up.



  • Chocolate Caramel Fondant – Gorgeous chocolate volcano with yummy oozy liquid chocolate infused with a slight tinge of caramel.  What our palate loved was the pairing with Wasabi Ice Cream. The Ice Cream had an ever so subtle after taste and burn of wasabi making us go back for another spoonful.
  • Fatty Hill – This is a lovely mountain of mint chocolate mousse covered with rice crisps and marshmallows! It’s a total party on a plate and a definite recommendation.


All in all, The Fatty Bao has managed to make it’s own little niche amongst all the 12th main restaurant madness going on, while giving Bangalore a whole new innovative menu, offering a lot of dishes that it has never heard of and tried before. xx

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