The Empress of Vintage


This is Tina Sareen.

She’s like The Girl in the Pearl Earring meets Carrie Bradshaw.

She has given Bangalore it’s very first couture boutique, complete with trims, lace and it’s own little secret garden – Little Black Dress. it’s like stepping into Hepburn’s private den. You gotta love it.

We’re really surprised she loves her bird prints so much because we hear that she would freeze cold at the sight of an actual one. She is quite the travel enthusiast, but again, cannot stand the thought of packing. Contradictory creative, this one!

Of course a designer isn’t a designer until they have their quirks, and this one has a habit of reading magazines from the back to front, insists on handwriting letters till date (collective awww everyone), and hates the thought of company while she indulges herself in retail therapy.

When asked, most people will always say they’re adventurous. This is the first person who admits blatantly that she can’t stand adventure. Tina is content viewing the world with rose tinted cat eye frames, while living in her vintage polka dotted bubble, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written by Sanchita Wahi