Gifting Guide – We round up 6 types of Diwali gifts our city has to offer!

1. Something Bespoke

You can never go wrong with chocolate. It never disappoints and it’s the right kind of safe! We swear by our fav Luru chocolatier, Rage.


What we love the most about them is that they have the most vast array of packaging options we’ve seen in the city! Even if you keep gifting the same chocolates, it’ll never ever get or look monotonous!

Their pricing ranges from around Rs. 450 for as little as 6-8 chocolates to 1250 for 24 chocolates and so on (give or take depending on how fancy your box is).

There are certain boxes that they’ll personalise for you as well, which makes it even more awesome. Always open to a fun challenge of creating a personalised hamper, we think this is the most flexible option in terms of getting exactly what you want this Diwali!


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Ph: 9880472746

2. Something Bright

We absolutely adore these diyas and candles that MAANN does. They’ve blended contemporary with the traditional in a perfect marriage, and the result is outstanding


We think these make perfect gifts for Diwali, as well as for your own house!


~ Tall candle holders – Rs. 1000/- each
~ Coloured lanterns – Rs. 350/- each
~ Small tea light holders – Rs. 200/- for a pair

They’re open to compiling customised hampers, and doing orders as per requirement as well, so go on, and light up your DiwalI!


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3. Something Unconventional

Why not go non-traditional, and send some of Luru’s best macarons in a box to loved ones instead? It is mithai after all and super cute to look at 🙂


Yauatcha has adorable little Diwali boxes of this sweet treat that they have launched for the season. Each box costs Rs.350/- (not bad at all we think!) and what’s amazing is, if you have a bulk order above 50 boxes they will customise the box with your name, logo and a special message inside the box for free! An added bonus is, if you book before 15th Oct you can also enjoy a discount of 10%.

We think this is a sweet deal, in more ways than one!


Ph: 080-67724444

4. Something Sweet

Oooh the yummiest homemade chocolates and dessert in the city. Shilpa Gulati desserts are an already famous Diwali tradition if you’ve been living here long. We swear by their almond rocks and gorgeous chocolate tarts.


Their boxes of chocolates as shown above range between Rs. 550-700/-. Pretty reasonable we think! Their chocolates by kilograms are priced at:

~ Chocolate rocks at 1200 per kg.
~ Chocolate almond rocks at 1300 per kg.

What is amazing is, Shilpa Gulati bakes like a goddess too, so we recommend you check out the zillion gorgeous cheesecakes, tarts, mousse goodies and sponge cakes she retails as well. Who said a box of something sweet can’t contain a lovely Oreo Cheesecake instead 😉


Ph: +91 98450 26888
FB page: Click Here
Web: Click Here

5. Something Chic

The hampers this year from Glasshouse stand out to us. They are elegant, sophisticated, chic and yet SO affordable:

~ Deli Delights (Rs. 2500+) – a classy woven cane basket includes gourmet treats such as macaroons, assorted cookies, handcrafted chocolate shoes, muffins, acake, traditional diyas, assorted chocolates & dry fruits.


~ Vino Celebrations (Rs. 5000+) –  a slightly more extravagant hamper filled with the house wine and select picks from the patisserie and deli section like the signature pasta, macaroons, handcrafted chocolate shoe, muffins, cake, diyas, assorted cakes and dry fruits.

They will also offer exclusive personalized hampers, which can be curated based on a guest’s requirement and preference. These hampers would entail their choice of champagne, wine or spirits accompanied with sweet and savoury items and price is on request!


Ph: 080 65419999

6. Something Luxe

The hampers that Ritz Carlton Bangalore have compiled this holiday season will knock the socks, or should we say mojris, off anyone’s feet.

Their most expensive hamper, ‘Celebrate You’, priced at approx. Rs.15000 has everything. Wine, check. Wine glasses, check. Imported cheese, check. A lady’s scarf, check. A pocket square for the gentleman, check. You name it, and it has it. It’s a holistic package of true luxury rolled into one giant hamper.


What’s great is, they ALSO have slightly more affordable hampers available that won’t burn a hole through your pocket such as:

~ The Traditional Hamper (Rs. 4500+) – A gold plated thali, diyas, dry fruits and mithai to name a few goodies
~ Tea Hamper (Rs. 6000+) – An absolute tea-lover’s dream, what with all the NEWBY tea, cookies, cookie jar, tea cups, crackers and so on.


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Mobile: +91 9741035124