Day 2 @ NH7 Weekender Bengaluru – planned for you!

3.40pm @ Red Bull Tour Bus – Delhi Sultanate & Begum X is the perfect act to kickstart your Sunday. Some smooth reggae and dancehall from a duo which has opened for Snoop Lion doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

4.50pm @ MTS Discover – Mr.Woodnote & Lil Rhys (below) in the house!!! Probably the most ‘looked forward to’ act for us of the whole weekend (sorry Mutemath). This is only because the only thing we love more than hip-hop is the saxophone. So imagine two of the most notorious buskers Bristol has ever produced with beats, funky horn lines and fat bass lines all live on the spot with the aid of a loopstation and of course a saxophone while being a human beat boxer. MAGIC.


5.30pm @ The Dewarists – Luru represeeeent! Thermal And A Quarter a.k.a TAAQ (below) is a rock band from our very own ooru, so head on over here for some classic indie rock, Bangalore style! We checked them out, and their tunes are as smooth as Koshy’s butter. Heart their sound!


6.20pm @ Red Bull Tour Bus – Next is the Bombay Basement! Perfect upbeat fusion of reggae, hip-hop, funk and drum n bass (whadduppp B-Town). Bonus: There’s a member who’s called Bobkat. How can you resist that!? No you cannot.

7.00pm @ MicroMax Megamix – EZ Riser vs DJ MoCity! Time to dance to some DJ beats finally and set ourselves up for the end of the day and what better than a console war between Sohail Arora’s electronic and Mohammed Abood who also grooves with the Reggae Rajahs (love them!).

Now we’re skipping Dualist Inquiry @ The Red Bull Tour Bus simply because we’ve seen them perform. If you haven’t, thats where you should be sprinting to (quickly!) before the headliners start!

NH7 has played a cruel joke this time around, but hey, this is how music festivals work. Jon Hopkins & Mutemath are OVERLAPPING (dayummm). So if you’re an electronica/dance music buff, don’t bother reading on, just make your way to the MicroMax Megamix arena and enjoy Jon dish out the last act of the day.


8.15pm @ Bacardi Arena – *drum roll* MUTEMATH (above). This is where the majority of the festival’s going to be.. well the ones Jon doesn’t have. These US rockers don’t need a recommendation or an explanation. Let their epic tunes speak for themselves. Just trust us on this one. You’ll come out of the grounds a winner.

Again, if you think we’re absolutely off our head where music’s concerned and your day needs different tunes, here take a crack at it below and enjoy your own way!

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