Monkey’s cooking up a whole new storm at Wood Street!

So everyone was busy checking Indiranagar out, and Wood Street whipped up a whole new menu while we weren’t looking, and it means business.


Like their classic beautiess of gastronomical grub weren’t good enough, they’ve made sure we’re a bunch of confused apes by adding so many more offerings that it is nearly impossible to place an order without contemplating & re-contemplating and contemplating some more! Arghhh!

We got a taste of the shiny new goodies, here’s the 411.

What We Drank:

Monkeypolitan – This classic with a twist of lemongrass was a yummy refresher and a good start to the evening. Cosmo lovers won’t be disappointed!

Monkey Cup – Not the biggest fan of white rum (or beer), forced to try this, and boy were we thankful! This drink packs a punch and how! it’s blended amazingly with hints of pineapple, cinnamon, orange, cucumber and cranberry complete with an upturned pint of beer to give it that beautiful fizz.

Kiss-ky Whisky – Of course we had to have our staple and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. This time Irish whiskey. We loved the dash of ginger, triple sec and orange in this baby.

What We Ate: 

Kung Fu Rolls (below) – This veggie roll was an absolute surprise. Imagine a bowl of yummy noodles, bean sprouts, garlic, tofu, peppers and black bean. Dream meal? Yeah now stuff it in crispy friend spring rolls instead. Mmmmm!


Devil’s Fries – Again veg, but sorry, we have an aloo weakness! Apart from being crunchy fries, the addition of galangal is what makes us want to re-order this.

Reddy’s Chicken – Ooh this chicken. Juicy with the right amount of South Indian punch! It’ll make the Andhraite (Telanganite?) in you sing with joy, what with all the coconut shavings and curry leaves as garnish.

I Scream Sliders – These gorgeous set of three magical profiteroles disguised as sliders with vanilla, salted caramel and coffee ice cream are worth an order! Special shout out to the salted caramel, we haven’t quite tasted the flavour used this well anywhere yet.

Carrot Cake – This gaajar ka halwa inspired cake hits the right spots if you love Indian dessert. It’s the wackiest version of this, and the smooth and silky carrot cream it’s topped off will make your palate very happy!

Oh and this isn’t all peeps. If you’ve grown up in Bangalore, you’ve most definitely had one of these four Anglo-Indian things – a friend, a teacher, your school or their food 🙂

Wood Street’s bringing you their very own tribute to this special ethnicity that we all have grown up loving, with their Hobson Jobson Festival the December! Only for a fortnight (1-15th Dec), but we can’t wait to have our share of Kedgeree and Railway Pudding! 


For all the bleddy boozards, these drinks sounds absolutely yummy men – Classic Gimlet, the Pink Gin, Oddennino’s Hot Punch, The Royal Bombay Yacht Club East India Cocktail and the Gulmarg Golf Club Mulled Wine!

For the sweeties you can dig in to the warm Brown Bread Butter Pudding, Flagstaff House Chocolate Eclairs, and Plum Cake with Vanilla Sauce.. or just order a platter of Rosa cookies and guava cheese to complete this feastl

All you Porki fellows and Missy Babas, this is definitely a food special you can’t miss!

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