Magic From Malaysia

We’ve done the run of the mill Chinese, Japanese, Thai food.. but Malaysian cuisine was a stranger we’d never met. We got a chance to not only experience the authentic food prepared by a Malay pureblood chef, but also interact with various dignitaries from the country who imparted more about the cooking and culture than we’d ever known.


Guest Chef Raymond Siek, visiting from Ritz Carlton (Shenzhen), stirred up a storm for the beautifully put together sit-down dinner at The Market, Ritz Carlton Bangalore. The place settings did the menu full justice; which were personalised with the dinner guests’ names. UHH love it!

What We Ate:

Jolok jolok ayam berserai, kuah kekacang – Lovely succulent chicken skewered in lemongrass marination served with peanut sauce. We liked the subtle sweet in the marinade and the contrast the onions provided.The vegetarian option came with Tofu.

Gado gado idaman cik Wei Wei (below)– Crunchy vegetable salad with egg. The spices elevated the flavours and the presentation was stunning, what with all the beautiful edible flowers on top. A Malay take on the classic gado gado, we licked our bowl clean. This is a definite order. The vegetarian option omits the egg.


Sup udang – This is typically a Mayalsian herb and prawn consommé infused with serai. The prawn was cooked to perfection and had imbibed every single juicy bit of the dish. It was flavoursome and a very refreshing palate change from the sweet of the previous dishes.

Kambing panpgang berkuah gulai dan pudinar (below) – This was gorgeous roasted lamb rack with curry accompanied with mint yogurt. To balance the meal, there was an Indian inspired vegetable dal and tomato rice on the side. The highlight and surprise of this meal was the crunchy fried papad! We especially liked the touch of cinnamon in the dish in various elements. The vegetarian option replaces lamb with potato cake.


Mangga pudding (below) – For dessert, an amazingly citrus pudding featuring passionfruit and papaya slices on top as garnish stole the show. It was tarty, but sweet, but bursting with creaminess. It was spectacular. The portion was really generous, and we would recommend you skip a course if you need to relish this beauty in a black bowl.


Other than the lovely dinner served to us, the chef has recipes featuring in his breakfast, lunch and dinner like Nasi Lemak, Mee Mamak Sayur Sayuran, Ayam Percik,
Rendang Ayam, Minangkabau and more.

So to sample the true taste of Malaysia, rush over to the Ritz Carlton from April 22nd – 26th. Menu available for a limited time only.


Venue: The Market
Price: INR 1000++ per person for breakfast
INR 1500++ per person for lunch

INR 1600++ per person for dinner

For more information and reservations, please contact Restaurant Reservations at 080 – 49148341 or
+91 9741035124 or email

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