Le Cirque au Leela – We give you the front-row experience at the circus that should never leave town!

It’s hard to walk into this place and not instantly feel like one of the many celebrities that have actually graced the NYC counterpart over the years. I’m talking DiCaprio (swoon ladies?), Sarah Jessica Parker (oh so fabulous!) and *drum roll* David Bowie (ledge extraordinaire).

I’m sorry but, if David Bowie ate these dishes, I don’t even need to get to the food to sell this place. But let’s deviate from my personal musical crushes and actually explain why this experience was closest to Michelin star perfection that we’ve experienced in this country.

Beginning with the gorgeous view that hits you right in the face when you enter, the regal Morano chandeliers that grace the ceiling to the provision of white or black napkins to make sure you match the outfit you’re wearing; it was all surreal.. and then, there was the meal.

What We Ate:

Lobster Bisque After tingling our palates with the decadent amuse bouche (that could totally thrive on it’s own on the menu), we were brought out the prettiest dish that looked like a salad with gorgeous paper thin onions standing to attention towering over tomato brunoise and poached lobster cooked beautifully. It’s when the waiter drizzled deliciously well balanced bisque that we knew what we were in for. A definite re-order.

Pecorino Cheese Crème Brûlée (above) – Another deceptively stunning dish. When the coffee cup with this brûlée was first brought to the table, we were confused why our meal was being interfered by dessert. Odd. But nope, this wasn’t any run of the mill creme. It was cheese. Yessir. Pure heavenly cheese with sweet sweet caramelisation full of red onion marmalade and a balsamic reduction hit all the right spots.

Tuna Tartare It’s really rare to be hit by 3 outstanding appetisers even before you’ve got to your main course, but it happened. No kidding. Imagine the freshest Akami tuna with refreshing celery, red
radish, mango coulis and fresh orange dancing around the drizzled balsamic reduction. Salad heaven.


Ravioli BurrataAn amazingly delicious vegetarian options for the herbivores. The technique of this burrata cheese ravioli blew us away, the parcel was a lovely one, half made up of green pasta dough. It almost looked like a thin leaf wrapped around delicately.  The green asparagus,
black truffle sauce and crispy cheese just added to the delish drama.

Ravioli CarbonaraNot on par with its veggie predecessor (surprisingly!), this is still a must-order if you love your ravioli and bacon. It is really well made carbonara sauce ravioli, with creamy pecorino
cheese fondue and the crispy bacon crumbs are definitely the hero of the dish. The crunch they add makes the dish truly sing.


Pork Belly Pork lovers will be happy to know, this belly did not let down. The belly was slowly braised to perfection and the onion soubise faultless. We loved the sweetness that the caramelized shallots added, but the absolute star had to be the apple compote chip. It’s like no other apple thing you’ll ever taste. They’re paper thin wafery baked perfections. If we could get a whole packet of them, we wouldn’t complain.

PaupietteOur absolute favourite main of the night. Soft and silky halibut, with a thin potato crust sat on the most flavourful stewed leek. All of this swam in a glistening Rocca di Frassinello red wine sauce which just complimented every element beautifully. This dish cannot be described. It is an experience. Please take our word (or lack thereof) for it, and do NOT skip this dish.


Eggplant Mille Foiglie Another deceptive dish. What we thought was exciting chocolate wafer with ice cream and nuts (we’re such simpletons), was indeed baked eggplant wafers with creamy white chocolate mousse scattered with hazelnut and pistachios. Our first bite reluctance turned into never wanting to have a last bite. Absolutely sinful!

Creme Brûlée – Ah the signature big daddy of Le Cirque world over! How we waited with bated breath for this beauty, just like Robert DeNiro does every time he frequents this restaurant. There’s no point commenting on the obviously flawless dessert. It’s the best creme brûlée we’ve had. Enough said. What’s even more adorable is how you uncover the recipe printed on the ramekin whilst devouring it! Brill stuff.


Honestly, we could go on and on and on and this rant would never end, so why don’t you just book yourself a table when you feel up to experiencing the best meal in the city? Oooh and wear black just so you get a cooler napkin than the ones you’re used to 😉 xx

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