#LuruLists: 5 Offbeat Desserts of Indiranagar

On a mission to please the evolved palate of Gen X Bangaloreans, we’re excited to present to you the 5 most offbeat desserts you HAVE to try when in Indirangar. They, in no particular order of preference, are as follows:

The Thanda Paan ice cream at Stoner 

The ‘Thanda Paan’ ice cream is basically a kesar and pistachio ice cream with loads of candied bits of maghai paan thrown in. Major yum!

thanda paan ice cream @ stoner (1)

What all the fuss is about: Given that western desserts with an Indian twist usually have a short life, the guys at Stoner have achieved this feat and their creation is quite commendable. The palate-cleansing, refreshing after-taste and overly sweet bits of candied paan are perfectly balanced out with a silky smooth and not-so-sweet kesar-pista ice cream. The flavors integral to the maghai paan have been well-retained, and this makes it definitely something worth trying!

Price: Rs. 140

Address: No. 50, Zatakia Center, 100 ft. Road, Indiranagar

The Rosogulla Chaat at Laddoos

Two varieties of Rosogullas (Oriya and Bengali) are squeezed dry and crushed, along with crushed papdis, topped with curd, a sweet and spicy chutney along with the usual contents of a finger lickin’ chaat.

rosogulla chat @ laddoos

What all the fuss is about: If you’ve ever wondered what you’d get if Bengali food and Lucknowi food had a baby, this one’s for you! This sweet and spicy dessert chaat is sure to win the hearts of even conventional-food lovers!

Price: Rs. 50

Address: HAL 3rd stage, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Road, New Thippasandra

Lemongrass creme brûlée at The Fatty Bao

Basically, a Llemongrass flavoured Creme brûlée with lemon sponge, basil meringue and strawberry gel.

Image Credit: Playful Cooking
Image Credit: Playful Cooking

What all the fuss is about: At Fatty Bao, they have managed to take a quintessential French classic and transform it with the most subtle but an absolutely delicious Thai ingredient- lemongrass! Beautifully presented this dessert is an absolute delight!

Price: Rs. 210 +taxes
Address: No. 610, 3rd Floor, 12th Main Road

The Bacon Whisky Chocolate Tart at Hummingtree

Bacon. Whiskey. Chocolate.

bacon whisky chocolate tart @ hummingtree (4)

What all the fuss is about: It’s a bacon whiskey chocolate tart with a buttery crumbly crust. ‘Nuff said!

Price: Rs. 260 (inclusive of taxes)

Address: No. 949, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage.

The Mung Bean Pudding at Phobidden Fruit

The pudding by itself, comprises of a mung bean paste (the stuff that moong dal made of), tapioca peas and palm sugar. This is layered with sticky rice, coconut cream and topped with diced strawberries and green apples.

mung bean pudding @ phobidden fruit

What all the fuss is about: The recipe for this Vietnamese classic is a tightly guarded secret amongst Vietnamese families and its a rarity on the menu of most restaurants in Vietnam too!

This dish requires an acquired taste and at first it might leave you a little undecided. Its one of the most underrated desserts we have ever come across and it is extremely delicious when it grows on you, we assure you. The unique taste of the dish combined with the fact that you will not find it elsewhere in India, makes it a good reason to give it a go at least once!

Price: Rs. 195+ taxes

Address: No. 965, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage


This post has been compiled by The Bangalore Food Harem (BFH) and edited by I Heart BLR.

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