Chinita’s gonna make you wanna salsa!

We love ourselves some Mexican food, so when we finally got around to getting lunch at Chinita, we were very excited.


This place brings with it is, it’s MEXICAN… yep, finally there’s no Tex before the Mex! It’s as authentic as real Mexican food gets. That is exactly what they managed to deliver.

For starters, the tortilla chips are fresh and homemade unlike the packaged ones that most food joints in town use (or seem to at least!?). Anyone who knows their Mex knows the tortilla pretty much makes up more than half the cuisine and literally makes or breaks the dish. This obviously is a huge advantage to their whole menu.

What We Gulfed Down

DSC_0292 (1)
The braised pork tacos

The chicken nachos seemed to be loaded with every single topping available in Guadalajara’s markets. The result? This dish was oh-so-filling  on its own. A must-have main according to us is the braised pork taco. Not a pork person? Then you should try the grilled chicken taco. Love your seafood? Order the pan seared prawn tostadas.

The bean & cheese taco and the enchiladas are great options too – especially if you’re a herbivore. We should probably mention that the chefs here are generous with the fillings and toppings, making for a very satisfying meal for the hungry customer!

Moving on, after two starters and three mains, we still managed to polish off two servings of Churros. Boy, they were so good! Perfectly fried, not too oily, and so light that you kept reaching for just that one more, last one, promise!

DSC_0285 (1)
The Horchata – An authentic Mexican milk based drink

We Suggest

We strongly recommend the Almond Horchata (a refreshing, milk based, traditional Mexican drink),  something we’ve never seen on a menu in Bangalore before.

Brownie Points

Chinita offers some amazing food and a great ambience that adds to the joy it’s authentic food brings to the diner. Service was excellent, and the owners and staff were very attentive and courteous which always is an added bonus

Expert Tip

Our only advice would be to call in advance and get yourselves on the waiting list for a table. It’s almost always booked out! This is one wait that is well worth it!

Contact Details

Visit their website here or FB here.
Call +91 96865 51896 or just drop in at 218, Double Road, Indiranagar.

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