Be right back, we’re at One Night In Bangkok

We didn’t actually go to Bangkok, but it certainly seemed that way when we visited the popular Thai dive bar – One Night In Bangkok.

Located on 12th main, Indiranagar, you might want to keep an eye out for it, as you may drive by without realising. The bar from the outside is super low-key and subtle, which gives it a mysterious element that piqued our interest. When you’re about to enter, you come face to face with a heavy and dark velvet curtain, again adding to the mystery.  The entrance already gave us a taste of what bars in Bangkok actually are like, so we couldn’t wait to see the inside.

Once you open the wooden door behind the curtain, you have officially been transported to a bar on the streets of Thailand. The vibe, the decor, and of course, the menu made the whole experience authentic.

ONIB2The inside of the bar has a combination of  dim lighting, wooden high tables and chairs, and Muay Thai boxing graffiti – there’s kind of a lot going on, but in the coolest way possible. We can’t stress enough how it completely takes you to another world. The music, on the other hand, transported us to another century thanks to the classic retro tunes.

A unique feature is the DJ’s booth that is on a higher platform, which can only be accessed by a cool stairway. Another feature we really liked is the long dining table in one corner of the bar, which is great for private dinners or parties.ONIB1What we drank:


  • Passion Margarita – if you love sweet and fruity cocktails then you will definitely love this. The passionfruit masked the taste of tequila, which is never a bad thing.
  • Siam Sunrise – again, perfect if you’re looking for something sweet, but there was also a hint of sourness, which made it a delicious blend. This vodka based cocktail had a fruity mix of passionfruit and papaya juice.
  • Tom Yam Siam- an authentic white rum based Thai cocktail filled with flavours like rambutan, ginger, thai chilli, and coconut. Before you freak out at the thought of chilli in your drink, it’s not at all overpowering. It gives you a only a small kick of spice.
  • Pattaya Sour – this whiskey sour inspired drink is a lot less sweeter than the others, as you can get a subtle taste of cloves.

What we ate:


  • Chicken Satay – the presentation is adorable, as it comes in a tray of shooter glasses containing peanut sauce. The peanut sauce was delicious and easily the highlight.
  • Stir-fried Chicken with Basil and Peppercorns– one of our favourites, as it was juicy and has authentic Thai flavours.
  • Galangal Stir-fried Beef – this was another favourite because the meat was well cooked, not too chewy and the blend of flavours was just right.
  • Pork Belly with Hot Basil– this had a good amount of fat (as is the case with pork belly) so if you prefer this style of pork then you are going to love it.
  • Fried Lotus Stem with Peanuts – even though we love our meat, the lotus stem was absolutely delicious. From the perfect crispiness to the right amount of chilli, we couldn’t stay away.

Keep in mind:

The music can be a little too loud if you want to have a chat, but the retro beats are awesome and will make you want to sing and dance the night away. Better yet, you can sing and dance while sipping on Thai cocktails. Sounds like a pretty sweet combination, don’t you think?

Image courtesy – Gokul Rao Kadam & ONIB