Cafe Mangii is back with their Fondue Festival!

If you like cheese or chocolate as much as we do then make your way towards Cafe Mangii for their Fondue Festival. This year they have revamped their menu, which includes some classics and all new combinations and flavours.

The Menu

Traditional Swiss –  A classic with gruyere, Swiss cheese, white wine, nutmeg, and fresh lemon or fruit brandy.

The Cracked Nut Ashen – An exotic combination of white chocolate ganache, roasted nuts, and an array of fruits.

The Pimento – A combination of sharp cheddar, emmental, parmesan, and sweet peppers

The Stewed Fondue – Gruyere and gouda flavoured with muddled confit garlic and sweet paprika

The Fiesta Fondue –  An interesting mix of Mexican yellow cheddar, jalapeño, juniper berries, cilantro salsa, and tortilla chips.

The Countryside Green Fondue – For a touch of  Europe, this has cheddar, Monterey jack, brie, spinach, and home ground mustard.

The Blue Brie – A rare of combination of gruyere, brie, and gorgonzola

Chocolate Baileys – Another classic with marshmallows and a medley of fruits

Chocolate Baileys - Cafe MangiiAlso, all fondues come with an assortment of Herbed Brioche Croutons or a variety of fruits, which you can dip and then devour. You also have the option of giving your own twist to the fondue by adding on extra toppings like broccoli, mushrooms, jalapenos, veggies, chicken sausages, herbed chicken, and even prawns!

Where: UB City and Orion Mall, 2nd floor

When: On until 14th February

Image courtesy – Cafe Mangii