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#IHBFoodie Alert – It’s gonna be a SteppinOut Sunday in Bangalore!

We are super excited to announce that I Heart BLR is partnering with our friends at SteppinOut for The SteppinOut Food Festival! It’s the first of it’s kind, right in the centre of the city and we couldn’t be more stoked. Here’s why: there will be 26 restaurants of various cuisines with delicious food and specialised menus, games and activities, contests, beer, and did we mention food? Apart from having an awesome Sunday, we love how the festival is bringing together people of all ages in the name of grub. Need we say more?



  • Sancho’s
  • The Open Box
  • SodabottleOpenerWala
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Smokehouse Delhi
  • The Big Kahuna
  • Shiro
  • Fava

What’s better than high-end yummy without burning a hole in your pocket? Nothing.

We’re absolutely thrilled that these restaurants are showcasing their signature dishes at subsidised rates for the day! Can’t wait to see their specialised menus.


We are hearting that some of our fav brands that only deliver their goodies to your door step, will be present for a change!


Drink, Drank, Drunk

There’s not just eating here, there’s going to be a whole lot of slurping! Whether you love your beer (or you love it so much that you need to detox) or just want to sip on some good tea, there’s a vast array of beverage stalls to choose from!


I’m on a diet, what else can I do..?

Not a foodie, or on a diet? That’s cool, you should still come because:

  • Social Offline is our official entertainment partner and they’re going to have live music throughout the day.
  • We’re going to be running contests all day long with prizes to be won (can you say, I Heart BLR shot glasses?)
  • Loved the dishes you’ve had at Fava and Shiro? Well, then you have to enroll for the masterclasses the head chefs will be hosting! Book your ticket here.
  • Also, shisha from Kargeens! We’ve managed the permissions, and there will indeed be a shisha lounge to enjoy. Yallah!


Remember to come with a full pocket, and an empty stomach. Come say hi, see you there! xx

The Deets:

When: 21st February, Sunday

Where: UB City Amphitheatre

Time: 11am till 10 pm

Event Page: Follow the event here.