Want quirk? The Open Box is the place for you!

Pretty sure if you’ve lived her for even a couple of months you’ve heard of TOB and been here. Yes it’s been around for a while but hey, it’s one of those places with an overly extensive menu full of choices, so this should help the next time you go there ūüôā
Nom Nom
Kolkatta by Trawler (veg/non-veg) РClassic jhal muri with a choice of veg or meat (chicken/prawn). What I loved was the theatrical mixing that took me straight to the hawker carts on the streets of Calcutta!
IMG_5631 (1)
Som Tam Kamal Kakdi (veg) – A simple salad, with a not so simple taste! The crunchy lotus stem paired amazingly well with the citrusy fresh Thai som tam, this was a perfect kick starter for the palate.
Hammosa (veg) – As the name plainly suggests, this is a play on the Indian classic samosa. Crunchy broken samosa bits sat well in creamy hummus and had the perfect amount of tabouleh on top that just elevated the freshness of the dish.
Tengda Bao (non-veg) РSoft cushy baos filled with Asian inspired chilli tengda sauce doused chicken. Nothing wrong with that picture!
Wings 65 – A fusion of 2 ever green classics can never fail, and this is exactly what TOB has done with their chicken 65 wings. Best of both the cluckin’ worlds.
Tunday on Toast¬†(non-veg) – One of my absolute favourites, I¬†diligently order this every time I¬†go. TOB has managed to get the minced lamb on point, and re-create the creaminess of Tunday’s famous kakoris and shammis quite successfully. The toasty crunch is a welcome change as opposed to the usual ghee dipped rotis.
Samurai Bacon Wrap¬†(non-veg) – If you like prawn, look no further. It’s a got a cool teriyaki twist and as a bonus, it satisfies your bacon crave too!
TOB Nachos Papdi Chaat (veg) РPerfect for your chaat cravings. I think the nachos are an interesting substitute!
Roman Massaman¬†(veg/non-veg) – Another fav that I order diligently. Love how it’s fondue inspired but instead of cheese, I get to dip the scrumptious bread into my favourite Asian curry. Definite yum to the yum this one.
Fettusuey¬†(veg/non-veg) – This is undoubtedly my favourite comfort dish on the menu. I don’t think there’s much better than beautiful fettuccine pasta dunked into creamy khow suey (yet another weakness of mine). This cannot be avoided at any cost, and it doesn’t have to be as it’s veg and non-veg friendly!
TOB “cup‚ÄĚetto – Personally, not much of a dessert person, but this was pretty darn good. The chocolate was gooey and not too sweet. The tart shell was crispy and yum. All in all, a pretty well rounded dessert for people with a sweet tooth. Can’t go wrong.
The Nosh
Dizzy Popsicles – Oh this just takes me down memory lane straight back to my Bishop Cotton canteen! Couldn’t get enough of these. These lollies are a treat to the whole table and just add a bit of that fun (and vodka) to your meal!
¬†Cuban Goli – This is my personal favourite. I don’t know whether it’s the rum and lime or the sheer fact that it’s a counterpart of my favourite banta soda bottles from the streets of Delhi. Don’t miss out on the waiter¬†cracking down the marble in the sealer with the loudest pop a bottle can muster.
Science Project – Known for it’s theatre, this vodka drink mixed with orange juice, blue¬†cura√ßao and sprite is a pretty sweet cocktail.
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.08.42 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.08.52 PM
Genie in the Bottle¬†– Smokin’ vodka with raspberry and blackberrry/pineapple that looks (and tastes) as mesmerising as it’s name.
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.19.02 PM
  • TOB’s Screen Time every Wednesday evening, so stay tuned for more updates on their FB page here.
  • Their division of spaces so that you can enjoy a different vibe every time you go there.
  • Their staff is absolutely the stars of the show. Extremely friendly and immensely entertaining!
 So what are you waiting for, hit this spot up as soon as you can, and this time around try what we did xx

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