Major case of sweet tooth? Head on over to The ThickShake Factory, Bangalore!

For a sugar rush or your sweet tooth cravings, why not have a delicious milkshake? And we’re not talking about just any milkshake; we’re talking about the heavy duty and rich ‘Thick Milkshakes’ at The ThickShake Factory, Bangalore. If you’re wondering what a Thick Shake is, it’s a milkshake that has a thicker consistency, almost like an alternative for a dessert like ice cream, for example.

It’s a cute little place that comes from Hyderabad, solely for beverages. From regular milkshakes to Thick milkshakes, and even bubble tea – you are definitely in for a treat!

Their story:

The owners – two brothers – absolutely love desserts. While travelling around Europe, they noticed a lot of people sippin’ on some shakes, which they don’t see too often in India. So, BOOM, their milkshake venture was born! The brothers seem to be the only ones in India that sell Thick Shakes.

The shake shack factory 1

Their menu:

The Thick Shake Factory has an extensive menu that includes a whopping number of 40 shakes and over 30 types of toppings! They have a variety of flavours that leave you confused and maybe even a little overwhelmed, but in the best way possible. Psst – if you’re a chocolate lover, you have to see their vast chocolate options.

The menu also includes their famous ‘Shape your Shake’ option, which allows you to go crazy by making your own milkshake!

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They plan to expand in Bangalore, and other Indian cities, so keep a look out for them!

Where: Brigade Road

Find them on FB here

Image courtesy – The Thick Shake Factory