The M.G. Road Boulevard – A Bangalore Landmark That Transcends Time

The very thought of the M.G. Road Boulevard takes the Luru patriot down the road of nostalgia. And, such is the magic of this attraction that even the tourists who have witnessed the charisma of the landmark would vouch for it. I’m sure we are already running a mental showreel of the facelifts and refurbishments that the boulevard has gone through, right from the days that it served as a lush green walkway for an evening stroll to becoming a cultural hub in the city centre, today:

337041_10150372356913128_318318083127_8487170_1489203117_o (1)AND NOW

The Rangoli Art Centre: The vivid Pink Bougainvillea that the avenue used to sport in its earlier days has given way to a brighter display of vines as the colours fall in place to synchronize with that of a rainbow. The thought of blending this parade of colour with the 7 musical notes imperative to Indian music, gave rise to the name of this urban public space.


The Nagara Pete – A marketplace for fairs and bazaars that make for shopping with a twist. Specially committed to encouraging handmade artifacts sold by artisans who otherwise lack a platform.

Vismaya, Chaya & Belaku – The Three Art Galleries with an array of fine art on display.

Chilipili – An interactive play area where you can enjoy a game of snakes and ladders or use the space to play your favorite childhood game with your kids. The playground is also suited for children with special needs.

Hoovina Haadi – The upper walkway decorated by Bougainvillea that also hosts a restaurant for a quick and delicious bite.

Bayalu – An open area for outdoor performances (arrive early to get your spot up front!)

Friendship Point – Based on an ancient folklore tale, this area is dedicated to making new friends and creating memories with existing ones.

Info Wall – Dating back to 2000 years of Bangalore’s history, an interesting insight into the city’s memoirs.

Green Initiation Area – Walk through and see how many of the exotic plants you’re able to recognize!


Spaces for artistic activities and workshops also available throughout the 500m long and 30m wide hub.

Every weekend, the centre unfolds to showcase a variety of events, activities and exhibitions that encourages city folk to explore the culture, history and creativity through visual and performing arts. A must-visit for old and new Bangaloreans, as well as visitors to the city for an outing well spent. Each trip helps you learn a little bit more about our beloved city!

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