Fusion Food List: Bangalore’s big 5 for an adventurous palate!

Indian fusion is the hottest and might we add, the fastest growing trend in the city today. It allows for its patrons to be completely comfortable with the kind of food served but with a twist that satiates those who wish to be adventurous! We have visited the most popular fusion restaurants and this is our list of the ones we liked best:

Farzi Café


This place is the newest kid in the block and has become our new favourite owing to the quirk and the use of molecular gastronomy. From the stuff we sampled, we loved the Galawati Sliders, the Chilly Duck Samosa, Tempura prawns and crispy fried chicken w/ lotus root. If you love desserts try the Big Bang- a molecular delight resembling the Milky Way! Quench your thirst with the Farsi Idea or the Chai Pani- a combination of tea and coffee spiked with a good amount of alcohol and try out their unique shots as well.

We Heart: Use of molecular gastronomy all around in a non OTT way.

Permit Room

Predominantly South Indian fusion, this place manages to rustle up home staples with their unique spin on them like the Upma with Bacon, Cubbon Park Bhel and the Iyengar Egg Puff. Also their unique in house cocktails like Jhum Jhum Tiger Balm made with gin, Sichuan pepper and pomegranate and Hyper Monk an old monk and espresso drink are totally worth trying.
We Heart: Hits home with its improved versions of south indian favourites!

Glocal Junction

We loved the food here be it their range of pizzas or the broccoli with mustard or their lovely shish taouk. Also, their butter chicken risotto really packs a desi punch! We’re definitely heading back here to try out their desserts that sounded very interesting. All in all, Glocal too is a good option to get your fusion fix.

The Open Box


TOB for us, will always be a winner! From the chicken 65 in the quirky chai glasses, the biryani in the little cooker or the Chai Creme Brûlée, they’re all winners. The Hummosa , a broken samosa served with hummus and some veggies as well as their pizzas are also delicious! We love it all. Especially when you can make our nights out even better with kitschy drinks that come in little sippy cups or in an IV drip bag!
We Heart: The indian spin on classic dishes from international cuisines has got us completely floored!

Social Offline

Social does need a mention here with their amazing butter chicken biryani, Japanese Surf ‘n’ Turf – tenderloin served on a bed of mash and wasabi prawns, the China boxes or the Notorious P.I.G or the minced prawns on toast, with black sesame and kaffir lime….. all delicious! Whether it’s the humongous LIT or the pickle flavoured Acharoska, there are several options to quench your thirst here and you will almost never leave Social disappointed.

This post has been compiled by The Bangalore Food Harem (BFH) and edited by I Heart BLR.

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