Love cycling? Here’s a list of top trails around Bangalore!

Done with our picks on the top trekking trails around the city? Time to continue the adventure with our brand-new list on bicycle trails around Luru that you will thoroughly enjoy:


Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple
Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple

A bike trail with a dose of spirituality is what Melkote offers as it accommodates several temples, some of them offering their own measure of recreation. The Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple (above) may appeal to the artists and architects with their traditional, yet concrete pillars that showcase artistic carvings that are sure to amuse.

While, the Yoga-Narasimha Swamy Temple offers a 300 (alternatively, you may choose to bike your way up half way) step climb for some light exercise.

Distance from M.G. Road –  Approx. 145 km via Kunigal

Turahalli Forest

800 acres of deciduous forest mostly dominated by Eucalyptus trees, Turahalli is also known as Karisma Hills is just an easy 30 minutes’ ride from the city. The ride to the forest is not a very tiring one as the tar roads make it pleasant throughout. As you reach the forest, you enter a mud road after which the climb gets a little steep as to reach the summit in about 200 mts.

There are several South-Indian style breakfast places for you break at on the way. Or, you may choose to pack something up to enjoy a bite once you reach your destination.

Distance from M.G. Road – Approx. 19 km via Kanakapura Road


Imagine cooling off by a serene lake post an energizing bike ride… enjoying a picnic lunch under the shade of a welcoming tree…. and indulging your curiosity as you try and name some of the exotic birds that you may spot! Well, that’s Thattekere Lake, for you. Besides the gentle trail that makes the bike ride enjoyable for everyone, the lake scores high in our list as it is one of the last remaining lakes in the city that remains untainted.

Moreover, it’s clean surroundings, lush greenery and warm sunshine make it a bird watcher’s paradise, as well.

Distance from M.G. Road – Approx. 50 km via Hosur Road

Big Banyan Tree


A biking trail that takes you around a 3-acre space that houses a Banyan Tree over 400 years old! Due to the age of the tree one cannot decipher the original tree trunk as its roots have spread across to look like trunks themselves, providing a great resting or picnic spots.

This biking trail does not take more than 6 hours in all and works as a great getaway for a half-day retreat. However, beware of monkey trouble!

Distance from M.G. Road –  Approx. 36 km via NICE Road- Bangalore- Mysore Expressway

Cycling Wine Tours

The Bangalore to Mysore stretch offers a host of options for wine aficionados and one of the better ways to get there is to get on your bicycles and enjoy the ride. There are plenty of eateries on the way for tea/coffee breaks and a scrumptious breakfast.

The many wineries are happy to welcome guests for a quick tour and lesson on wine and have them venture into their vineyards for a day well spent – sipping on fine wine alongside some delicious food while looking over the scenic yards.


  • Ensure you wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Dress in layers (t-shirt + light jacket) to stack up them as per the weather
  • Wear comfortable shoes and carry spare socks/laces
  • Do not carry heavy bags
  • Load up on fluids (water, juices, energy drinks) and sunscreen
  • Carry a packed lunch with a picnic mat
  • A Frisbee or a board game would add to the fun