The Teal Door Cafe – a cafe with an awesome twist and a good cause!

The Teal Door Cafe calls itself an all day cafe, a hookah lounge, and coffee shop. Not only will you get a hot cuppa (or coffee), you’ll also get a global menu with a side of Indian street food. However, that’s not all, because this cafe offers way more than just food and beverages.

What we love about The Teal Door Cafe is that one of their main goals is to empower local women in and around Bangalore, while at the same time striving to create awareness of recycling and up-cycling products. For example, the cafe is eco-friendly, as they use sustainable methods while decorating and running the cafe.

The interiors are made out of metal and plywood leftovers, old bike chains, and unused tiles, as they strongly believe in the process of up-cycling. Added to this, a lot of the cafe’s decor was built my women, who also go through training so they can work at the cafe!


Tempted to visit yet? In that case, their most popular dishes are:

  • Chicken Dosa with Cheese in a crepe style
  • Gulti Chicken wings with a side of Prawn Bhaji
  • Classic Buttermilk
  • Masala Chai in clay tumblers for an earthy flavour

Support The Teal Door Cafe by visiting them at 618, 2nd Main Rd, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar or check out their Facebook page here.

Image courtesy – The Teal Door Cafe