Munch on these Bangalore: The Christmas goodies list is here!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas favours all the way, oh what fun it is to have a food coma for the next few days. Bet you sang that in your head, ha!

If you haven’t figured out your Christmas goodies this year, keep calm and read on. We assure you, you’ll be the centre of attention at your next holiday do. In addition, we’ve compiled DIY style home-made alternative for all the below since it’s all about keeping with the spirit of the season – spending time with loved ones and gorging on these once-a-year treats.

For a drool-worthy Christmas this year, the must-haves on your table should feature the following:

Plum Cake – Christmas ain’t Christmas without some good ol’ fashioned boozy plum cake. When you go cake-shopping look for a moist cake with the right amount of dry fruits – not the tutti-frutti doughy kind. Our recommendations for good last-minute plum cake this season are from Thoms, Santanam, Sugar ‘n’ Spice at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore Baking Company at JW Marriott and Desserted Cafe.

DIY: Make your own classic plum torte by following this easy recipe here.

Eggnog – Eggnog in Bangalore is a rarity. We’ve only spotted it on 2 menus so far – Cafe Cerisse & Sue’s Kitchen

DIY: We found this recipe here, to be particularly simple and indulgent.

Indian Xmas treats – One of our favourite childhood memories is sitting around the table with the entire family making rose cookies, murukus and kalkal. These traditional Indian Christmas specialties are always best home-made. But you can find quality (and tasty) readymade ones at Thoms, Santanam and Nilgiris too.

Christmas Cookies – We cannot get over how yummy and cute the sugar cookies from Munchies (Brigade Road) were. We ordered these for a Christmas party last year and they’ve been on our mind all year. They were a custom order, so make sure you order yours ASAP! Psst their number is 080 41126336.

DIY (below): Betty Crocker has an amazing alternative that looks incredibly gorge-worthy. Recipe here.

Wine/Mulled Wine – The perfect way to pull all these delicious goodies together is a good bottle of wine, and for those chilly winter nights there’s nothing better than a glass of piping hot mulled wine. If you can’t get your hands on home-made wine, Not Just Wine & Cheese and the Drops outlets have a great selection. As for mulled wine, we recommend Toscano and District 6 orrr…..

DIY – You could just look up at our very own recipe here!


All of the above make lovely thoughtful presents. You can even pack them off as party favours for your guests to take back home! Well, if that’s the case, don’t forget our invite please 🙂 xx

Happy Holidays!