The IHB Foodie’s Guide: Bangalore-Mysore Highway

We all looove a long weekend, and for a lot of us that meanss kicking back and taking a long drive or a bike ride on the famous Bangalore-Mysore Highway. While that sounds incredibly pleasant (well, depending on traffic), the only crapper (ahem, no pun intended) is usually the substandard highway food that you have to settle for. Nahh, we refuse to let that dampen your experience; so we took it upon ourselves to lay it all out for you.

Our top picks for the best eateries are:

Maddur Tiffany’s (Maddur)

We love ourselves some maddur vada at any given point of time and if you’re a newbie on this route you gotta stop by Maddur Tiffany’s and order yourself some piping hot, crunchy and delicious-as-hell maddur vada and coffee. The Thatte Idlis here aren’t too bad either.

Vaishali (Channapatna)

If you’re stopping for breakfast at Vaishali, their Dosas are decent and if you are planning on grabbing some lunch here, we have found their natti chicken dishes to be good. In addition to the food, we heart Vaishali because of its convenient location and inexpensive prices!

Kamat Lokaruchi (Ramanagara)

Good ole Kamat is another restaurant you can count on for top quality South Indian food (breakfast or any other meal). We recommend ordering their Mude Idli or their North Karnataka Jolad Rotti meals… sooo gooood!

Poojari’s Fish Land (Srirangapatna)

If you’re looking for some seafood while driving down the highway, you can unhesitatingly stop at Poojari’s for a meal. Their range of fish dishes are good, reasonably priced and most importantly super fresh! We recommend ordering their fish curry meals. You can’t go wrong. Oh and beware of fake Fishlands around Poojari’s so look for “Poojari’s” preceding “Fish Land”.

Bhuvaneshwari Military Hotel (Srirangapatna)

Chances are, you might not have heard of this place, given its inconspicuous location. It is a small military hotel by the highway that appears to have been dug into the road, but don’t let the appearance fool you! From a flavourful Paya to a delicious meatball curry and from soft, earthy Ragi Muddes and fluffy Idlis to spicy Mutton chops, this place has it all! Yes we compiled a list, but really, this is our absolute favourite!

Now that we took care of your highway food woes, cruise without a worry! We’ll see you there xx