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Summer is Coming: 15 Favourites To Beat The Bangalore Heat!

It’s getting hot in Bangalore, and what better way to stay cool than to indulge in these summer foods and drinks:

  1. Passionfruit Sorbet at Art of Delight – Who doesn’t like sorbet? Especially when it’s passionfruit!
  2. Kiwi-Lime Juice and Nannari Sherbath (below) at Sabari Juice Junction – Give their nannari sherbath a try; you will not regret it. Super fresh and just mildly sweet, it is the quintessential summer health drink. 
  3. Mango Gelato at Gustovita – All their gelatos are absolutely lit and the mango one, even more so.
  4. Fish Burger and Kiwi Granita at Bistro Claytopia – You must be wondering how a burger will give you the summer feels; but trust us on this one. Claytopia’s fish burger is so fresh and light as a main. Pair that with some of their kiwi granita and you’ll have a pool party in your mouth!
  5. Watermelon, Feta and Olive Salad at Secret Garden – Although this is a very generic salad and one can get it at just about every other restaurant, we love the one from Secret Garden in particular due to the use of super-fresh ingredients.
  6. Snow Bingsu at Café Yegrina (below) or Ais Kacang at Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen – The Koreans call it Bingsu and the Malaysians call a similar bowl of shaved ice flavoured with red bean compote etc., an Ais Kacang. Either way, these bowls of flavoured shaved ice are super delicious and are absolute life-savers in the summer. 
  7. Chicken Donor Pita Pocket at Leon Grill – Are you convinced yet? If not, we’ll just let this massive, astoundingly fresh pita pocket do all the work for us!
  8. Aam Ras and Poori at Rajdhani – It isn’t possible for anyone to not be hooked to this Gujarati delight.
  9. Nandini Buttermilk – Seriously, need an explanation?
  10. Aam Panna at Amaseena – This popular, green mango concoction is done absolute justice at Amaseena and the result is a perfectly spiced, chilled, mildly sweet aam panna. Just the way it should be.
  11. Fresh Fruits and Cream at Bombaysthan – The classic Summer combo for all ages, eras and decades.
  12. Almond Horchata at Chinita (below) – This cold Mexican drink comprising of ground almonds, rice and finished off with some cinnamon dust is another great option to try this summer.
  13. Green Papaya Salad at Lan Thai – The green papaya salad at Lan Thai is a complete winner and we especially recommend the variant with prawn and squid. Seafood in the summer is always a good idea.
  14. Solkhadi at Suryawanshi – Solkhadi or Kokum kadi is one of those super-invigorating summer drinks which leaves you wondering why you don’t drink it as often.
  15. Cucumber Chaat from the Vendor in front of Max, Indiranagar – The chaat is cold and slightly sweet and is unlike the usual chokingly, peppery garnish that is added to cucumbers sold on the road.


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