Sound Garden Bangalore: Know everything about India’s first ever interactive music museum!

‘Music is a piece of art that goes in the ear and straight to the heart.’

Bangalore never fails to disappoint when it comes to churning out an exciting list of ‘things-to-do’! And, the brand-new addition to this list is an innovative concept that caters to the sentiments of music & nature lovers, alike, brought to us by the The Indian Music Experience Trust. Judging from how things are shaping up, you can anticipate a musical harmony like no other! Termed as the first interactive musical museum, the garden synchronises its space among a museum area, an interactive installations area and a garden cafe. Though the main museum structure is yet to open, the outdoor area itself, offers an immersive experience already.

Let the music play…

Unlock your self-expression, intelligence and creativity with the various installations at the Sound Garden that will put your mind to the test and echo your passion for music. The curators behind the model were keen to provide an experiential zone that not only serves as entertainment, but also outlines the basics of music as a combination of various sounds & vibrations.

#IHBSays: Be sure to explore the Humming Stone which resonates your own little tune in the form of frequencies & vibrations. On the other hand, the Xylophone makes for a great group activity and team building exercise. The mechanism is designed such that it appeals to the senses of touch, sight and hearing, creating a melody of sensation.

A tapestry of tunes…

The museum that is expected to open in a few months is prepping up for providing an experience of its own. With as many as eight thematic galleries that are being planned, the exhibition will include a display of progression of all Indian music (including classical, folk & Bollywood) and the rich culture that it unfolds. Got your preview into the science of sound & vibration at the installation area? Put your learning into practice by composing your very own jingle at the mini studios and mixing consoles at the museum!

Learn the (universal) language…

A learning centre is also on offer at the venue – a perfect place to channelize all the inspiration invoked during the visit. With a calendar that is said to include workshops, performances and ongoing lessons in music, it is definitely a space to watch out for. You can even get a diploma in music, under the guidance of the expert teachers from The Centre for Indian Music Experience!

The Deets…

Where: J.P. Nagar, 7th Phase
Opening from: 29th July, 2017 11.00am onwards
Free entry to all.

All images courtesy Architecture Paradigm Pvt Ltd.