Winter is here.. and so is The Ice and Fire Festival at The Irish House! 

It doesn’t matter if you value honour highly like the House of Starks or have “madness” in your veins like the Targaryens, if you are rich and ambitious like the Lannisters or stubborn like a Baratheon; The Irish House will cater to every taste…

…with a cocktail menu that would tingle even the Imp’s taste buds!

The carefully crafted GoT cocktails menu include The Iron Throne, Flame & Shadow, Whitewalker, Wildfire, Dragon’s Breath, Cersei’s Sangria and Seven Kingdoms, to pay ode to all seven seasons.

The Iron Throne (below): Whisky, peach, orange Juice, tobacco, orange zest. This throne is yours, by right.

Whitewalker: Rum, kahlua, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup. Brings the dead back to life.

Flame & Shadow: Rum, triple sec, sambuca, strawberry crush, ginger ale. For the night is dark and full of terrors!

Dragon’s Breath: Tequila, sambuca, and a hint of tobasco. You’ll definitely breathe out fire with this shot.

Wildfire (below): Rum, midori, malibu and pineapple juice. This secret recipe by the Alchemist will light a fire inside you!

Seven Kingdoms: A pour from each kingdom – vodka, whisky, rum, gin, red wine, triple sec, sambuca, topped with Red Bull.

Cersei’s Sangria: Rum, red wine, orange juice, pineapple juice, topped with fresh chopped pineapples. A drink as sinful as the Queen herself.

Sip on these goblets from 12th July to 31st August!

What else, what else!?

While you sip on a glass of Wildfire, get a chance to dare the other fans in a brainy warfare. Participate in the GoT Trivia Night on Wednesday 23rd August 2017, just when the seasons is about to end, at their Whitefield outpost and stand a chance to prove that you are the biggest fan to win official GoT merchandise from Red Wolf. And when you win, you know what to say – “I drink and I know things”.

So back your house and let the banner fly high, while you Irish up your GoT craze and hum the tunes of Ice and Fire! xx

The Deets

Where: The Irish House, VR Bengaluru, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura
GOT Night: 23rd August, 7.30pm
Ice And Fire Festival (limited time menu): 1st till 31st August
Contact: +91 77603 87275⁠