Titans who Transform: 7 Up and Coming Interior Designers in Bangalore

Studio Goya, Akshita Mehra

Meraki Spa & Wellness, St. Mark’s Road

From creating pretty light fixtures out of tokris from scratch to transforming an old colonial Jayanagar bungalow into a dreamy set out of a Wes Anderson movie, Akshita is one versatile design liege. Studio Goya strongly believe in experiential design and that’s extremely visible with their human approach to everything they’ve touched.

Tea Villa Cafe, Jayanagar

#IHBLoves – We think they’re absolutely on trend, because they don’t like being on trend, and that’s fresh! Also the fact that they focus on being largely eco-friendly and sustainable makes them super cool. We hope others take a leaf out of their book and follow suit.

Contact – www.studio-goya.in | +91 9845696864 | akshita@studio-goya.in

PureSpaces, Krishna Morzaria

JUSTLAW Advocates, Gandhinagar

PureSpaces is one of those rare gems that is on trend and constantly evolving, but absolutely dreamy and timeless. Imagine biting into a dainty looking classic French macaron from Laduree, only to find out there’s a sassy dash of wasabi cream in the middle, suited to the modern palate. That’s them alright!

Sanchez Taqueria & Cantina, Indiranagar

#IHBLoves – This fierce all-women design army led by Krishna, juxtaposes boldness with feminity unapologetically and is essentially all the things that are right with this industry!

Contactwww.purespaces.in | +91 9886212000 | contact@purespaces.in 

Studio Slip, Kamini Rao

Babayaga’s, Indiranagar

Youth, energy, freshness and irreverence personified, Studio Slip is slowly becoming a favourite. The founder Kamini, comes as a double threat with her interiors AND set design background. Whether it’s a retro American diner inspired bar, or a kiosk selling yummy cookies, all their work is undeniably uber cool.

The Twisted Desi, Indiranagar

#IHBLoves – What we love is, it’s not just interiors. Slip takes every client on a digital to physical roller coaster with loads of loop de loops that cater to a holistic design experience, be it rendering, mapping or set design.

Contactwww.kaminirao.com | +91 9620266125 |  hello@kaminirao.com

Office of Cognitive Design (OCD), Raja Arjun + Akshara Verma

Mahe, Goa
Taking their real life compatibility onto blueprints, OCD’s founders are the epitome of #couplegoals translated into #designgoals. If OCD was a person, staying true to its christening, it’s exactly that, a thinker. The amount of research and understanding that goes into the end- user is impeccable. What’s amazing is, they also focus on collaboration ensuring they use the brightest minds and upcoming designers from around the world to deliver their projects.
Kafnu Coworking, Residency Road

#IHBLoves – What stands out to us though is that they also offer building solutions. This makes it super easy for clients to manage their own project and very cleverly bridges the annoying gap that always seems to exist in communication between all the parties involved.

Contact – www.ocd.bz | +91 9353364283| admin@ocd.bz

5 ft Apart, Taarini Jouhari

Villa 313, Kolar

5 ft Apart is all about making a meaningless space into a wholesome personal experience for you. Taarini, the head storyteller loves weaving tales using light, texture and movement and they turn out to be epic. They’re the entity you heard about when everyone wise told you that it is always about the journey and not the destination.

AA Hospitality, Museum Road

#IHBLoves – We’re loving the schizophrenia! The stark contrast that exists from project to project, with a whole gamut of personalities to choose from is so refreshing.

Contact – www.5ftapart.comcontact@5ftapart.com

Studio Ruh, Kavya Sheth

It’s hard not to like their work. With her experience it’s not a surprise that Kavya’s design sensibility has such a broad appeal, whilst visibly retaining its own distinct soul and character. Their spaces feel like a hearty (yet super chic) plate of food that you’re finally glad to be h0me to and devour.

#IHBLoves – With Studio Ruh, client is king. We LOVE that. They nurture every brief with TLC and make sure they provide maximum satisfaction to one’s design appetite.

Contactwww.studioruh.in | +91 7406467573 | kavya@studioruh.in

Studio Gritt, Nithin Anthony

Han House, Tumkur

This find of ours, is literally #designporn personified. From the bold monochromatic drama, to the use of concrete, wood and metal (architects please stop drooling), Studio Gritt’s work is an international language that Indian design should definitely learn to speak.

12° North

#IHBLoves – Their workmanship with anything wood is absolutely gorge, and we’re really hearting the finesse that their strong architectural wing brings to their interiors.

Contactwww.studiogritt.com | +91 9480848582 | hello@studiogritt.com