HIIT IT: What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

I LOVE this week’s workout.  Not only will it get you sweating, but it comes with its very own sound track!

You will do this workout along side Moby’s song “Flower” so you need to have access to the song.

The lyrics go “Bring Sally up…bring Sally down.”  You are Sally.  You can do this with squats OR push-ups OR both.

Workout 1 “Bring Sally Up”

How to do it: 

  1.  Play the song “Flower
  2. When the lyrics go, “Bring Sally up” you stand
  3. When the lyrics go, “Bring Sally down” you squat and hold at the bottom
  4. Do this for the whole song
  5. Rest one minute and move on to Workout 2

While it sounds easy…it is not.  You need to hold the squat OR push- up at the bottom of the movement until you are told to come back up.

 If doing the push-up, you hover off the ground. 

Add weights to the squat to make it more difficult!  Watch the video at the bottom to see how it is done

Workout 2: 

 25 meters bear crawl
50 high knees or skips with jump rope
25 second hollow hold or plank
50 second rest

Repeat 5 times

And if you’re looking for a gym for  where you can do these kinds of workouts in a supportive group setting, be sure to check out The Outfit or Namma Crossfit…both places will leave you sweaty, breathless, and feeling like a bad ass.

The Outfit
# 9, 2nd Floor, 4th Cross,
C.M.R. Road,
H.R.B.R. 2nd Block
Telephone: +91 98862 85727
Find them on Facebook here

Namma Crossfit: Koramangala or Cunningham Road
Plot no-6, 1st ‘C’ Main Road
Sarjapur Main Road
Jakkasandra Ext 1st Block
Near Area Pacific public School
Find them on Facebook here