Sweater Weather – Layer Up Men of Bangalore!

Well if there is one city in India I absolutely love, it is Namma Bengaluru. My very first reason to love it is the weather condition. Well of course you would not be able to wear trench coats and women may have to still use the razor throughout November, December and January but a moderate weather condition has its own fashionable charm. You get the best of both sides of the world. Layer yourself up and off as the day turns from cold to warm to pleasant and back to cold. Din’t get it ?

I am talking about layering up this winter.

But how do you do it in style? How do you layer and not look stalky and unpleasant? How do you not come across as someone who looks like he could use a breathing mask?

It’s simple. Just follow the steps given below –

  1. Keep it thin – When you plan to layer, make sure that what you are wearing is not stalky fabric. Choose from the softer range of winter clothing. This will help you layer better without looking like a polar bear.  (PC – Max Mayank)
  2. Wear cardigans – Yes, one of the most fashionable pieces of winter wear that I have ever found and which never goes out of style. Cardigans are a good start to layering. (PC – Max Mayank)
  3. Flannel shirts – For the not so warm afternoon when you are not sure whether you are feeling cold or hot. Put on a basic white, grey or any t-shirt of your choice, wear a flannel shirt with your buttons open and you are good to go.  (PC – Dipayan Debbarma)
  4. Soft knit sweaters – This will also work as your full sleeved t-shirt. You can wear it over your collar shirt or wear without it. A lot of men in our city are sporting this look and you should too.Man-s-soft-ribbed-knit-Crew-neck
  5. Casual blazers – Like the one you can see in the image. A casual blazer gives a more relaxed look to your style. You can wear it with your formal shirt, with your casual shirt, with your t-shirt and even with your cardigans. It is the final touch to your layering. Put on a check shirt, layer it with a cardigan and a blazer. A classic Autumn Winter look! (PC – Max Mayank)
  6. Scarves – Then of course comes the scarf. That one piece of accessory you may call it which adds charm to your personal style. (PC – Shilpa Raj)

Hope this post will help you be tackle the Bangalore winter in style and if you are looking for a easy on pocket shopping destination then worry no more because I know just the place for you. Max Fashion, Splash, Prestige The Man Store are few of the retail stores you might want to visit . Oh and John Players have some really cool collection coming in this season.

Models posing are “Rajat Vaidya”, “Navneeth Sagar” and yours truly 😉 xx

Connect with the photographers – Dipayan Debberma, Shilpa Raj and Max Mayank