Let’s Get Vertical: 6 Things About Pole Dancing – Bangalore’s Newest Fitness Class!

Fitness news flash!  Not sure many of you have heard by now, but, it’s official: Pole dancing classes have come to Bangalore!

I know, I know…hold your excitement.

The Tribe in Indiranagar has just started offering pole dancing (or “vertical fitness” as it’s called here) in the last few weeks.  As you can imagine, there’s been quite a bit of curiosity surrounding the classes.  So we are here to present to you:

6 Things You Should Know About Pole Dancing: 

1. What exactly IS pole dancing?  And how is it fitness?

yoginiPole dancing consists of a mix of yoga, dance, and acrobatics, all around a static or spinning pole.  You will learn to spin, invert, and climb in a series of progressions as the classes go on.

From a fitness perspective, pole dancing offers it all: It is a perfect blend of strength based training, cardio and flexibility.  Your heart will be pounding by the time you finish a class!

2.  I don’t really work out much, can I take a pole dancing class?

Absolutely!  You start off slow, and concentrate on building strength slowly over time.  You’d be surprised how quickly your body adapts to the movements.


3. Can men do it too?German+Pole+Dancing+Championships+dtcpgaMZa3al

Of course they can!  This is one of the silliest questions people ask.  It is a fitness class that develops strength and agility…pretty much what everyone’s fitness goals should be.

However, due to the fact that men have a higher center of gravity, and up to 50% more upper body strength, classes for men and women are usually held separately at the beginner level.  At the advanced level, however, it’s not unusual to see men and women in the same classes.

4.  What do I have to wear?  pole

At the beginning levels, you can wear whatever you want!  Yoga pants, a
sports bra, t-shirt, gym shorts, whatever you’re comfortable moving around in.

At more advanced levels, skin needs to be shown because friction is the ONLY thing that keeps a dancer on the pole.  This is why you frequently see pole dancers wearing so little…if they wore pants or a t-shirt, they would fall, very quickly, to the floor.

5.  What about heels or shoes?

Heels or shoes are definitely for performances and competitions.  They give a dancer additional grip on the pole, prevent bruising, and act as a counter balance during difficult moves. They also keep a dancer’s toes in a point, which is very important during competitions.


At the beginning levels, you will be bare feet.  This is definitely one of those cases where you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

6. Isn’t there a stigma attached to pole dancing?

Pole dancing may have originally been quite scandalous and racy, but most modern forms of dance have less than respectable starts.  Pole has evolved into an art form over the last decade, and its popularity is growing across Europe, South America and The United States. There’s even talk of making it an Olympic Sport.

Also, the sport of Mallakhamba is a tradition in India, and I don’t see much difference between what this guy is doing, and what goes on in a pole dancing class.  Do you?


Oddly enough, the people who critisise pole dancing have probably never even tried a class, so before you decide whether it’s good for you or not…come check it out!

Workshop dates are announced at the beginning of every month!

Have fun getting vertical, Bangalore xx

Want to hear from someone who has experienced this new class first hand?  Read Prashant Priyadarshi’s experience, founder of Adams Apple List, to hear all about it.  

For more information email: verticalfitness@thetribefitness.com

Classes held at:

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No. 307 100 feet road, Indiranagar
Phone: +91-9902003001
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