Cafe Felix is here, and they’re serving Bangalore comfort food like never before!

Being an avid fan of Mumbai’s ‘The Clearing House’, on hearing that the same team will be launching a cafe here, my excitement obviously reached a dangerous level of no return. It came gravely close to the time when I heard Sanchez was introducing a live guac station. Ha.

The 411

Café Felix is basically an all-day diner serving ridiculously yummy comfort food. They have menus for a solid brekkie (eggs and smoothies anyone?), a leisurely lunch or a decadent dinner with wine. They’ve got something, no matter what hour of the day you decide to walk in.

What I drank

I decided to give their smoothie menu a whirl. Opted to try the on-trend Avocado Chocolate Smoothie along with a Mixed Berry Yoghurt Smoothie that was suggested (both pictured above). I’d go back and have these again (and try some more…) in a heart beat.

Being a whiskey lover, I couldn’t resist their cocktail; The Grown Up (a twist on a whiskey sour). I also had a few sips of the watermelon juice (freshly made) and the kiwi, peach and lime cooler (all three pictured above).

What I ate

Being a complete salad freak, I was elated at the sight of not a couple, but five salads making their way to my table. This is normally my favourite section of any menu, and I was not disappointed with Felix’s:

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (above) – This is a safe, as well as a hearty portion. You can’t go wrong.

Baby Spinach & Watermelon Salad (below) – Anything watermelon and I generally love it. This take on a watermelon salad is particularly interesting with its inclusion of fennel. This might be a strange thing to say, but the walnuts in this salad seemed to have been roasted using some other technique because I haven’t tasted such perfectly smoked and toasty ones in a long time. A bowl of just those please!

Quinoa Salad – Ideal for a quinoa lover. I guarantee they’d lick this bowl clean; citrus fruit and chickpeas included.

Prawn & Raw Mango Salad (below) – Starting from the soba noodles, to the raw mango and the chili dressing with peanuts, this will take you back to the resort on that Thai island you visited last summer.

Cucumber and Tender Coconut (below) – …and the winner of their salad menu is *ding ding ding*. This dish is superbly thought out, and it shows in the flavour. The use of miso and pickled ginger to uplift the cucumber noodles (coodles? haha!) and coconut strands is extremely clever. This cold, tangy and refresher was a proper party for my palate. I’d go back ONLY for this, time and time again.

Hesitant to move on to the rest of the food. I finally gave in and oh man, I’m glad I did:

Avocado Toast (below) – Exactly what the name suggests, except topped with smooth goat’s cheese and tomato salsa for taste. This one’s for all you #instafood #foodgram #foodporn #theavolife taggers! 😉

Ricotta and Pinenut Ravioli (below) – This is such a good vegetarian option! The pasta was just the right thickness and I thought this would feel a bit cream heavy, but I was wrong. The leeks for me, were the highlight (gotta love the crunch) and there were also subtle hints of a walnut sauce.

Pan-roasted Fish (below) – I’ve literally left the showstopper for the last. This fish transcended all my expectations (and everything I ate too). It ended my meal on the perfect high note. I don’t know if I should spend time going on about the fab chimichurri rub, the perfectly flaky fish that melted in my mouth or the smooth as silk cherry tomato stew that this star sat upon. I only have two words for you. MUST. ORDER.

If you have a sweet tooth…

Considering I don’t possess one, and have no innate desire to end my meal with a dessert (I know I know, shame on me.. yada yada), my fellow diners gorged on an array of sinful treats:

Coffee Smores Pie and Chocolate Ganache Cake (both pictured below), from the ‘on-display’ desserts at the cafe.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie (below) – This was on the menu, and the only one I could bring myself to actually enjoy. So, if you’re like me, and don’t like things too sweet, this pie is perfect for you. It has the saltiness from the peanut butter, the crust is bordering on dark chocolate and there’s also a bit of salty caramel to give it that kick.


Special shout out to the talented peeps from Mumbai-based studio sP+A for such an open, refreshing and clean layout with minimalistic yet absolutely drool-worthy interiors. Cafe Felix has made full use of the stunning Ulsoor Lake view, and really not held back on making their terrace look uber cool. I personally loved the marriage of deep blue with gleaming black granite.


Their terrace bar has a set of other cocktails with a completely different small plates menu!

The Deets 

Opening Hours: 11am-1 am, Terrace: 7 pm onwards
Price: Meal for two (including a round of drinks) Rs. 2000 + taxes approx
Where: 1 MG Mall, Trinity Circle
Social Media: Like them on FB by clicking here, and follow then on Insta here.

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