Building a home gym at ANY budget: YES, you want to DO this!

So let’s face it, everyone ‘wants’ to be fit. They’ve thought about it at some point, tried it, and some are still trying. Here’s something to kick-start your fitness regime without too much of a hassle or emptying your pockets out.

Got No Money: Build Your Gym for Free

Ever have a lot of time on your hands and wonder: How did people stay fit before gyms?  Well you’re about to find out. That’s right…everything you have to get fit and fierce is right at home:

  • Heavy Book/Small Dense Object- goblet squats
  • Chair – tricep dips
  • Wall – handstand holds, handstand push ups, wall climbs (my personal favorite when I’m feeling brave; these are advanced) 
    11709814_10152938825152882_5253441568820247491_o (1)
    Prashanth Ponnappa doing a one armed handstand hold
  • Floor – pushups, sit ups, hindu pushups, lunges, squats, planks, one arm planks (the best planks)
  • Bed – incline push-ups,  Bulgarian split squats
  • A Child or Smaller Person(not a baby, please): Do a fireman’s carry and do normal lunges or just walk around with the kid for a few minutes until they really want to get down

Workout Hack:  Go to your roof or find a short section of road.  Do suicide sprints from end of the roof to the other, even if it’s a short distance.  Sprints are great for conditioning! 


Got a Little Bit of Money:  Build a Low/Medium Budget Gym for 2000-10, 000 rupees (this is really all you need) 

Do you want to stick everything away in a box or under your bed until you have a  moment alone in your living room or on your balcony?  This is all you’ll need to stay or get in top form: 

  • MUST HAVE: Pull-up bar here (Yes! Even if you can’t do a pull-up yet, get one)
  • MUST HAVE: Jump rope/speed rope here: these allow you to do single jump variations or double unders
  • MUST HAVE: Resistance/exercise bands here
  • Adjustable Dumbbells here
  • Kettle Bell here
  • Medicine Ball here
  • Yoga Mat…for like…yoga and stretching
  • BONUS: Wanna spoil yourself? Then get yourself  a Wall Ball here and do wall ball shots.

Workout Hack: Loop the resistance band onto the pull-up bar if you can’t do strict pull ups yet.  Place your foot in the band and the band will assist you when trying to get your chest or chin to the bar

FullSizeRender (1)

Got A Ridiculous Amount of Money: Build Your Gym for 10,000 + (And Let Me Come Over to Work Out; Seriously…I’ll Just Show Up)

This is for people who have an entire room and entire paycheck to dedicate to their fitness.  That’s right, an ENTIRE ROOM to workout in. Let’s switch lives?

Alright Bangalore, thanks for reading.   Got a favourite piece of workout equipment I left out?  Post it in the comments below and share your thoughts!

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Spoiler Alert: My home gym is a wall, a roof, and a doorway x