Fitness Feature: Luru get ready to Jiu Jitsu!

Hey Bangalore!  Every few weeks, we will be introducing you to a new gym, new type of fitness, or a fellow fitness fanatic in the city who will inspire you.
Close up 2This week we bring you: Rohit Vasudevan, owner and trainer at Institute of Jiu Jitsu.  Rohit discovered Jiu Jitsu due to his love for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).  He started teaching himself the basics, and fell in love with the sport.  After getting his Masters in Aerodynamics in the UK he decided to train there, and bring Jiu Jitsu to Bangalore.

I got to sit down with Rohit and ask him a few burning questions I think we may all have about Jiu Jitsu:


What IS jiu-jitsu?  Explain it as simply as you can: 

Simply put, Jiu-jitsu is a self-defense martial art that uses body weight, timing, and a lot of ground fighting techniques, to allow a smaller or weaker person to defeat or subdue a larger and stronger opponent.

So it would allow me to beat my big brother in a fight?


Excellent!  So, you made a big change when you decided to pursue Jiu Jitsu, how did it change your life or body?

It made me really appreciate and understand what my body could do.  I’ve always been athletic, but Jiu Jitsu took me to the next level of fitness. It’s the true definition of “functional fitness.”

Who can do jiu-jitsu?

Everybody and anybody.  It’s almost like yoga in a way, it requires an understanding of your body.  A lot of people have trouble with the combat involved in it, but once they move past that, pretty much anyone of any fitness level can do it.

What’s the ONE thing you want people to know about jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is the only martial where a smaller person can take down someone much larger and stronger than them (kind of like any boxing movie you might’ve seen)


Alright Bangalore, now that you know the basics, go check out Rohit’s gym and prepare yourself to take on opponents on the mat, and in the real world!

They also offer kickboxing classes…so if you’re  a fan of body combat classes in your gym, take your skills to The Institute of Jiu Jitsu and see how you measure up! training 4

The Institute of Jiu Jitsu
15 M V Jayaraman Rd, 
Vasanth Nagar, Banglore, 
Karnataka 500052
Phone: 098803 69167
Find them on Facebook here.