Weekly Workout: HIIT it or Quit It!

Hey Bangalore!  It’s almost time for Halloween and all the fall and winter fun we look forward to!

Before we swing into the holiday season, it’s  great time to start setting new fitness goals, and a great time to improve on old ones.  These workouts are designed to challenge your whole body, and they’re finished in less than 20 minutes. Make it your goal to do a HIIT workout at least four times a week…trust me, your body will thank you.

This week’s, “at home” workout was sent in by one of our readers!  It requires nothing more other than a wall, and a box or platform.  The higher the platform, the harder the workout will be!

(Workout Hack: You can make a box/platform by stacking two or three books together…it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Using a basketball is great as well!)


45 seconds high knees or mountain climbers
20 bicycle crunches (10 to each side)
45 seconds wall sit with arms overhead

Rest 30 seconds

Alternating push up

45 seconds alternating pushup (use your platform/ball/floor)
20 jumping jacks
45 seconds wall sit with arms overhead

30 seconds rest

45 seconds sit-ups
20 burpees
45 seconds walking lunge

30 seconds rest

(Repeat three times)


24 dumb bell squats
12 over head strict shoulder press
6 push presses

step up
Weighted step up

12 weighted step ups (6 each side)
24 dumb bell squats

Rest one minute

(Repeat three times)

Have fun with that Bangalore! And if you’re looking for great places to try out HIIT workouts in a class setting, check out Namma Crossfit or The Hood!

Happy HIITing xx

Check out The Hood:

2nd Floor
SoulSpace Paradigm
Marathahalli Outer Ring Road
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Check out Namma Crossfit:

Cunningham Road Location
No. 35/2, 5th Floor
Cunningham Road
Vasanth Nagar


Koramangala Location
1st ‘C’ Main Road
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