Welcome to the Hood: Bangalore’s first ever hyper gym!

Spoiler Alert: This gym is really really really cool.  I’m in LOVE with it!


The owners of The Hood, Abinav Narayan and Shruti Choudhari,  have already done a tremendous amount for Bangalore’s fitness scene.  I got  chance to speak to  Abinav and, to get his take on why this is THE gym to check out this month.

If you don’t know Abinav:  He is the man who started Namma Crossfit.  Yes, that’s right…THE Namma Crossfit.  The gym that started it all and brought high intensity training to our fine city.

Here’s what he had to say:

So, what IS The Hood?  Why should we be excited?

The Hood is every fitness fanactic’s dream.  Imagine experiencing the most effective fitness programs under the same roof! That’d be wonderful, right?  So that’s exactly what we did. We brought everything together just for you.

What programs or spaces can we find at The Hood? 

There’s three spaces people can use:

1. The CrossFit Box:  This is where people can experience Namma Crossfit and  build all aspects of their general fitness.


It’s a combination of all forms of fitness including weight training, body weight training, gymnastics and conditioning.

2. FightCraft: People can train in traditional fighting arts like  Tae-Kwon-Do along with the more modern forms of fighting – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai.


People can either pursue a belt program or train to participate in amateur and pro fight

3. ABSinthe : The bulk of the cardiovascular conditioning will be done in this space.  It includes yoga, rowing,  and cycling.

In fact, people can come check out our unique Psycling classes for something new!

This sounds fantastic.  What are the membership options?

You can sign up for one space exclusively, or sign up for all three spaces.  You get unlimited usage for whatever you sign up for.

Can I train alone if I want?

Yes! Or you can join our group classes.  You can form your fitness however you want, but you should definitely come check it out and see what sets us apart from any other gym you have experienced. 

My take-away:

Now Bangalore, as a fitness fanatic, after hearing about these new spaces, I simply HAD to go check out The Hood.  So I did.  I so did.

I LOVE IT!  I absolutely love it.  The “feel” of the place is incredible.  It’s a gym that you would actually want to hang out in.  No joke.

The equipment is new, and there are so…many…options:  You can row, cycle, flip tires, climb ropes, swing kettle bells, punch heavy bags…you can literally do anything. I was like a kid in a candy store.  A fitness candy store!

But don’t take my word for it. Come check it out yourself, or check out one of Abinav’s other gyms in Koramangala or Cunningham Road.

Check out The Hood:

2nd Floor
SoulSpace Paradigm
Marathahalli Outer Ring Road
Find them on Facebook here

Check out Namma Crossfit:

Cunningham Road Location
No. 35/2, 5th Floor
Cunningham Road
Vasanth Nagar


Koramangala Location
1st ‘C’ Main Road
Sarjapur Main Road,
Jakkasandra Ext.
Koramangala 1st Block

Find them on Facebook here