Post Workout Meals in Bangalore: Adding Fuel to Your Fire

So you love staying fit and working out, but you do know there’s a reason there’s always a doughnut shop near the gym right? They want to catch you at your most tired vulnerable bingy best! Well we’re not letting you fall for that after telling you how to be healthy. Nuh uh!

So the next time you’re making the catastrophic mistake of walking into an unhealthy place post work-out for a bite, head over to these options instead. You won’t regret it! x

Brekkie –  Home Delivery or Pick-Upbrekkie

Are you one of those AMAZING people who works out first thing in the morning?  If so, you NEED to check out Brekkie.

Call and place your order, and have a freshly prepared, balanced, three course breakfast delivered to your door while you shower and get ready to take on your day.  You can also place weekly AND monthly orders…how cool is that? Also, I Heart BLR has worked out a promo code on online orders. Order until October 2nd and  you get 25% off your first order if you type IHeartBrk. You’re welcome. 😉



Walking to work? Their food carts are mostly parked at:

  • 9th A

    Close to Peter England Showroom
    100 FT ROAD
  • 12th Main
    Opposite Namdaris
    100 FT ROAD

Order through their website here and don’t forget to use our code!


Green Theory – Eat In


Green theory provides a peaceful eating environment as well as fresh, organic vegetarian and vegan food.  Stop in for a fruit juice or tea or stay for one of their freshly prepared entrees.  Protein is incredibly important to a post-workout meal, so order something with lots of fresh beans or tofu to replenish your muscles!

Suggestions: Grilled Tofu Burger or Broccoli and Peanut Stir Fry Salad

15 Convent Road
Opp: Sacred Heart Girls School Back Gate
Richmond Town,

Call: +91 8861435956
Website: Click here

Bhukkad – Home Delivery or Pick-Up

bhukkadBhukkad prides itself on being a place to find fast and healthy food, and in today’s world where we are constantly rushing around, can I give the owners a big THANK YOU from all of us.  They also deliver!

Suggestions “Hummus Bean Salad” or “Pesto Luck Chicken

1st Cross,
Near Wipro ParK Signal,
4th Block
80 Feet Road, Koramangala,

Call: 080 4091 3063
Website: Click here.

Au Bon Pain- Various locations; Dine In or Pick-Up


I think most of us have seen this chain around town.  I assumed Au bon Pain was just a bakery when I first saw it.  But, I was so so wrong.  They have amazing  sandwiches, and pre-made salads and parfaits (with REAL fruit)!   If you’ve never stopped in after a workout, do so as soon as you can!

Suggestions: Try any of the pre-made salads…have them add more beans and chicken for extra protein!

Website: Click here

Nutri Town – Home Delivery
This “subscribtion only” establishment came as a suggestion from some of the personal trainers I know.  You buy either a “one day pass,” “six day pass,” or “26 day pass” and have healthy meals delivered to you.

They have a wide range of Indian and Non-Indian choices, and it keeps the guess work out of meal preparations for the week!

 Call: +91 9980435551
 Website: Click here.

Happy healthy binging! x